SDS Group is a consulting company for structural engineering and design working across today’s built environment. We develop solutions that are both cost and resource efficient together with architects, clients and construction companies.

As engineers, technical specialists and managers, the team of SDS Group operates with one vision, and that is to make our clients’ objectives a reality. We value our commitment to design excellence, innovation, and environmental sustainability.


Each project holds a great importance for us. We always accompany our clients and the entire design team from the earliest concept design phase.  Our expertise field includes reinforced concrete, steel, composite and prestressed structures as well as retrofitting of existing buildings with FRP plating and wrapping, concrete and steel jacketing:

  • Structural design of steel and reinforced concrete buildings
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment of existing buildings
  • Special construction engineering, tanks, silos, chimneys, towers etc
  • Pipeline engineering
  • Restoration and Renovation
  • Design of monumental buildings